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Notable Features

Mail Policy Filter

  • Enforcement to filter out, quarantine and report on e-mail that violates configured SecurTrac e-mail policies.
  • Will not interfere or conflict with any Domino Anti-Virus software.
  • Create new e-mail policies easily using the new SecurTrac Formula Wizard.


  • Now it is possible to perform searches across user mail databases in addition to SecurTrac logs.
  • Searches can be performed using Domino Full Access Administration security settings.
  • Searches can be executed by the Domino server for optimized performance.
  • Use the intuitive Formula Wizard to select a wide range of search criteria.
  • Ability to save and reuse search query settings easily.
  • Export search query results into a CSV file format.
  • All searches performed using SecurSearch can be logged for auditing purposes.

Criteria to Match – New Formula Wizard

Use the new Formula Wizard to select more specific granular monitoring conditions. No more need to know formula language!

Bulk Action Detection

SecurTrac’s bulk action detection feature can be configured to monitor for any bulk action that occurs within your Domino environment, such as bulk deletion of e-mail or database documents.

Easily restore deleted or updated documents, design elements and ACL Available in the Database and Domino Directory monitors, is the option to export the original document/design element/ACL into a DXL format. From the SecurTrac log, at the click of a button, the administrator can rollback deleted or modified documents/design elements/ACL back to the version that is stored in the SecurTrac log document.