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Extended access to Domino data

soapgateShare our positive experiences with Domino web services. It’s a key tool in order to meet today’s requirements in the field of system integration.

Why do we need a gateway for Domino?

Web APIs like soapgate Q! make your data available to other systems in an easy and cost effective way. Now other systems can finally talk to Domino in a generic way; the Domino server becomes integrated into the corporate data flow. Connections are made possible as never thought of before. Just link internal and external processes: customer to company, potential buyers to company, company to company.

Universal concept – easy integration

Most of the platforms are able to use soapgate Q!’s web services operations, be it Java, Adobe AIR, Adobe LiveCycle, .Net, VB.net, SharePoint, PowerShell, PHP or IPhone.

soapgate Q! works as zero footprint application

soapgate Q! sits on your public server as a Notes database that connects to your data through the secure Domino channel, acting like a proxy. Your data stays where it is, protected behind the firewall in your internal network. Your data will not be exposed directly. No changes to your applications are required – great benefit with small effort.

Added security

soapgate Q! provides an additional API security layer on top of the already tight Domino ACL security. Through so called Database Access Profiles it allows to control API exposure of your data down to the field level. User may have access in full through a Domino client, but only limited access through whatever client, accessing your Domino data using the API.

New, yet familiar

Have an easy and quick start with soapgate Q! You may not know soapgate Q! yet, but all operations are well-known. The generic web service API implemtens all of the essential functions and classes of Lotus Notes script and Notes formula that you are familiar with. Certainly we used this opportunity to enhance and enlarge some of them.

SOAP or RESTful services

With version 5 of soapgate Q! comes support for RESTful services. All so far implemented SOAP based web service operations are now also available as RESTful services.

Just do what you want

Use it whether you are getting user information, creating Notes documents or reading views including paging. A German travel agency uses it to submit booking data to ESE European School of English Ltd. Malta.

Login examples you will hardly find in the web

We wanted all domino users to profit from our work. Therefore, we show you in our examples how to authenticate yourself safely from different platforms against the domino web services. You can do it with our library or with you own development.

In conclusion

soapgate Q! goes perfectly with Adobe AIR: The view and documents model including events is an open source library. So even domino developers feel comfortable about Adobe. And Adobe was the one we made it up for. But roads are made by walking, and so others have been added.

What about the costs

Either you choose our free version or you go for the soapgate Q! support option for 495,- Euro per server and year.

We tested including session login

  • Java
  • Adobe LiveCycle ES
  • C#.Net
  • VB.Net
  • Excel
  • Sharepoint
  • PowerShell
  • PHP
  • Objective-C (iOS)
  • Adobe AIR for Android / Blackberry Tablet OS

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