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A free SOAP API for domino from R 8.5 for Windows (with Linux there still is a problem with the http tasks). We want our work to bear fruit for everyone, that is why soapgate Q! is open source now. So you do not need to invest in purchasing software.

Licensing and pricing

You may choose between the free Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition. The only difference between them is support.

Enterprise edition including support

  • 495 EURO per server and year for one to three servers
  • 445 EURO per server and year for four to six servers
  • 395 EURO per server and year for seven to ten servers

Enterprice licensing

The price for a complete domain is 4.495,- EURO.

Source code

Is Open source


Includes E-Mail support for installation, configuration and bug tracking.


Additional developper support is available on an hourly basis for the integration of soapgate Q! within Flex/Air, PHP, .net, Java etc.

Application building

Additional services for Application building is available on fix pricing.