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A satisfied customer: Insurance Company “Öffentliche Versicherung Braunschweig”

Q!kom a implemented a successful link between NetWeaver-Portals of SAP and Lotus Notes Domino through the generic Web-Service-API soapgate Q!.

Since its foundation in 1754 the Öffentliche Versicherung Braunschweig has developed to a modern, major regional insurer. It has successfully focussed on lasting values: reliability, fairness, regional cooperation and partnership with customers. Customers know to appreciate the consistent focus on service, the quick and easy settlement of claims and the commitment of staff.

The task: the different insurance conditions in the fields of property, liability, accident, car and life are managed in a Lotus Notes database. These documents should be accessible via the NetWeaver Portal.

The problem: in a first attempt the task was solved with implementing CORBA through the use of Java classes. But the code was cumbersome, the performance not satisfactory and code changes release-dependent

The solution: a new solution strategy included the development of custom web services in Lotus Notes. During this project phase members of the team discovered the generic Domino web service API soapgate Q! Thanks to this solution component no (new) development on the Domino side was required. Only the portal side required a conversion – no problem for NetWeaver.

The advantages: a significant performance increase. In production, the reading of all active documents took about 6 seconds via CORBA. Via the web service operation of soapgate Q! the response time has been reduced to 2.5 seconds.

In particular it is simple to define in NetWeaver which views, documents and fields to extract without any efforts on the Lotus Domino side. soapgate Q! also supports the creation, modification and synchronisation of Notes data. This opens future possibilities for instance for mobile applications.

Furthermore it is nowadays possible with almost any technology to access web services. Generic tools exist to implement and view transferred data content in very short time frames, providing the means for a technical and professional error analysis.

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