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Combine Salesforce with your IBM Domino application

EPost Kundenstory Salesforce Domino.pngQ!sync for IBM Domino enables a smooth collaboration of applications. When Salesforce is implemented as new CRM, the customer usually still has Domino applications that should have access to the new CRM data. And the Domino workflows belonging to the respective customers should be shown in Salesforce. This is what our module  does, using our Open Source API soapgate Q!

Time is the crucial point of any migration to a new system. It is impossible to create every workflow and applications at once. With Q!sync for IBM Domino offers you a smooth way.

Whether coexistence or migration, we will be glad to help you.

Customer reference: Deutsche Post EPOST Solutions GmbH


Support of standard CRM objects
Use case CRM – Migration of active customers:
We identify the accounts in Domino with a new field – based on that selection we transport the data to Salesforce. Only relevant data is migrated. The account managers can easy select the right accounts. As this is sync we can get the right data while testing as well as during coexisting phase.

Use case CRM – Coexisting of active and new customers:
SF is the new leading CRM but the new date is needed in the Domino CRM to support workflows. We can update existing Domino data as well as create new accounts and contacts. The back office processes are still running fine while you build up a new CRM

Support of custom objects
Use case 360view – Visualization of Domino workflows:
SF is the new platform to show all relevant activities with the customer. We read in Domino workflows and display them as custom object related to the account. Building up the link is done during sync. A Domino URL is used to open the original object in Domino. Existing workflows are already visual in the new CRM.  

When you go the way of sync you can manage the problem of limited resources to build up the new CRM and all workflows in one go. Our way offers the choice of coexisting.