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TrustSphere-Logo_FA(CMYK)Analyzing relationships between enterprises and their customers

TrustSphere is a widely recognized pioneer of “Messaging Intelligence”, a next-generation approach to relationship analytics. TrustSphere’s solutions provide real-time analytics and insights which clients use to improve the effectiveness of key business functions. These include sales force effectiveness, enterprise collaboration as well as their governance and risk management functions. TrustSphere is an IBM Business Partner and an ISV on the Salesforce.com AppExchange.

QKom GmbH has developped the Domino API for it and is TrustSphere’s German Partner.

Unlocking value from your existing relationships; adding global reputations abstracted and authenticated from the billions of messages sent by our customers. Insight into local relationships and global reputations supercharges existing security applications and appliances:


TrustSphere’s “Social Graph” characterizes relationships and their Internet domains as depicted in the image above.