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force com LogoToo good to be used only in the Sales department

CRM systems are designed to help managing existing customer accounts, but are often considered as time wasters.  For the managers benefits are obvious, sales staff sees it merely as necessary evil.

This is a real pity and should be changes because customer care and the resulting relationship is a decisive factor for each organization. CRM’s advantages for all users are evident and it is vital that order processing has access to the CRM, too, not only sales stuff and management.

That’s why we have developed order related objects in Salesforce that facilitate calculation and processing. These objects use the reasonably priced force.com licence. So Salesforce accompanies the complete order cycle from the offer to the accounting.

In addition to the default process we are able to manage all further ad hoc processes from inquiries, special services  and invoicing for modifications to settlement of complaints. Precisely when it comes to customer processes it is important to use a budget-priced licence like force.com (20 Euro per user). The achieved process depth benefits as well the management as all processes and events are clearly assigned to a customer. Benefit from our experience.

Conclusion: Salesforce is too good to be used for sales alone! Or, thinking it differently: Why not have workflows perfectly customized and save money for licences?

Talk to us, we are Force.com enthusiasts!